Dessert in Disguise

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The ultimate ebook full of guilt-free dessert recipes that nourish the body. In fact, they’re so nutrient dense, you could have these desserts as a healthy dinner option as well!

The recipes in this book are full of nutrients that give you lasting energy, are digestive friendly, and satisfy your sweet tooth without the use of processed sugar.

The great taste of real food.

They’re a great tool in regulating blood sugar levels with they’re rich fiber content due to each and every recipe being built around vegetables, keeping your hunger in check and your weight under control.

Each bowl is packed with endless amounts of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals from wholefood sources, leaving you with beautiful skin, hair and nails.

Super Simple

They’re super simple to make and take less than 10 minutes, start to finish!

I walk you through each step and give you a guide for all the equipment to save you time and a list of recommended brands when building your bowls.


All of the recipes in this book use variations of the same set of ingredients, allowing you to buy in bulk and fit these great flavors into your budget!

Need to substitute, based on your diet needs? Whether that’s vegan, dairy-free, fruit-free, paleo, etc, every recipe has built-in substitutions listed, so that you can tailor them to meet your needs.


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