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上質 QinKingstore 注文後の変更キャンセル返品 子供と大人の屋外トランポリンスプリンクラー耐久性と漏れのない庭の冷却ツール10mトランポリンスプリンクラー

QinKingstore 子供と大人の屋外トランポリンスプリンクラー耐久性と漏れのない庭の冷却ツール10mトランポリンスプリンクラー


QinKingstore 子供と大人の屋外トランポリンスプリンクラー耐久性と漏れのない庭の冷却ツール10mトランポリンスプリンクラー



1. Summer artifact: This sprinkler is easy to install and use, and the ordinary trampoline will immediately become a sprinkler trampoline. Let the children play freely in the yard and enjoy the cool summer.

2. Durable and leak-proof design: We use thick and high-strength PE material to make the trampoline sprinkler, which is very durable, can withstand high water pressure, avoid leakage, and ensure you get a long-lasting experience.

3. Advanced trampoline sprinkler: the water value can be adjusted, you can easily control the water pressure according to your requirements. In addition, our installation design uses double holes to ensure that the spray holes are firmly fixed.

4. Multifunctional use: This product can build an interesting water park and bring great fun to children and adults. It can be used as an outdoor cooling system in your home, and it can also be used as a sprinkler for gardens and lawns.

5. Easy installation: This product is very easy to install, no additional tools are needed, and the installation process is very convenient.


This product is sturdy and durable, very suitable for garden cooling and trampoline sprinkling.


Material: PE

Size: 10m

Color: green

Suit for: summer

Package Included:

1 pc * Trampoline sprinkler

1. Please allow 0-1 inch error due to manual measurement. Thanks for your understanding.
2. Monitors are not calibrated same, item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different from real object.

QinKingstore 子供と大人の屋外トランポリンスプリンクラー耐久性と漏れのない庭の冷却ツール10mトランポリンスプリンクラー

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